Soltech 1080p Compatible STS-FHDC200 200ft BNC Video/Power Cable


Upgraded Version of Previous STS-AHDC200 Cable
Much Lighter, Better Quality, Identical As Samsung BNC Cable, Compatible with new 1080p Samsung HD Security Systems (SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, SDH-B73040, SDH-C74040)

Easily Extend using Included Coupler
Connect your cable to your DVR and extend out to your desired length using the included Coupler. The coupler should connect the coaxial portions of the cable and the power cables should fit in together without a coupler.

 Extension Cable Block Diagram

Connect a Surveillance camera to any DVR, Monitor or TV with BNC Video/Power extension cable like below diagram.

Supported Models

SDH-C75100 | SDH-C75080 | SDH-B73040 | SDH-C74040SDH-C5100 | SDH-B3040 |
SDH-P5081 | SDH-P4041 | SDH-P4040 | SDS-P5080 | SDS-P5082 | SDS-P5100 | 
SDS-P5101 | SDS-P5102 | SDS-P5122 | SDS-V5080 | SDS-P4042 | SDS-P4080 | 
SDS-P4082 | SDS-P3022 | SDS-P3040 | SDS-P3042 | SDS-S3042 | 

Type: BNC Cables

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