Samsung Wisenet EP10-001090A Surveillance Remote Controller for Samsung Wisenet Security Series


Samsung Wisenet EP10-001090A Remote Controller

This remote control is for use with Samsung  Wisenet Security Camera Systems.

Compatible with the following models:

  • 4 Channels: SDH-C73043BF, SDR-C73303N1T.
  • 8 Channels: SDH-B74083HF, SDH-C74043DF, SDR-C74303N1T, SDH-B74041, SDR-B74301N1T, SDH-B74081, SDR-B74301N2T, SDH-B84045BF, SDR-843051T, SDH-C84085BF, SDR-843052T, SDH-B94047BF, SDR-943071T, SDH-C94087BF, SDR-943072T.
  • 16 Channels: SDH-C85100, SDR-C853002T, SDH-C85105BF, SDR-853052T, SDH-C85127BF, SDR-853072T.

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