4packs of Samsung SEA-C101-100 Extension 100ft BNC Video/Power Cable


Extension Cable Block Diagram
Connect a Surveillance camera to any DVR, Monitor or TV with BNC Video/Power extension cable like below diagram.
The color of the DC power barrel may vary (red or black)

Supported Models

SDH-P5081 | SDH-P4041 | SDH-P4040 | SDS-P5080 | SDS-P5082 | SDS-P5100 | 
SDS-P5101 | SDS-P5102 | SDS-P5122 | SDS-V5080 | SDS-P4042 | SDS-P4080 | 
SDS-P4082 | SDS-P3022 | SDS-P3040 | SDS-P3042 | SDS-S3042 |

Type: BNC Cables

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