Currently, the Soltech Neogen is available in 3 colors of White, Blue, and Pink. We have the Black color on the way and should be available soon enough. With a 2600mAH battery, the Neogen should be able to charge most phones up to 1 full battery amount as the norm seems to be approximately 2600mAH. Aside from the capacity itself, the Neogen is an extremely simple design. It fits in your hands with nice grip. It is made with high quality plastic that doesn't garner dust or other residue as some cheaper plastics might. We decided to make the Neogen a rectangular prism shape due to the fact that many of the smaller lipstick size chargers are cylindrical. They always seem to roll off the desk with the slightest push so the Neogen is really made to stay put where you left it. The battery is light enough that you can use it as part of your key chain. To that end, we include a key chain strap with the battery so that in the case you want to, you won't have to look for a make-shift strap. The separate images of colors below will take you directly to a product description as well as a direct link to purchase.

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