DVR HDD Upgrade

Customize to Optimize: Build the right System for YOU


From cameras to HDDs, we’re now allowing customers to upgrade their hard drives to meet their needs!

Upgrading your DVR hard drive has never been easier. We’re using top-of-the-line WD Purple hard drives in place of the original HDD and offering it to you at a set low price that includes all parts and labor fees.

Find the customization process confusing? Take a look at our tutorial as we take you through the customization process step by step. If it becomes too confusing in the end, just give as a call and we’ll take care of it for you! Shop with confidence as we offer you the best of qualities when personalizing your security needs!


WD Purple: Desktop HDD vs. Surveillance-class HDD

You wouldn't use a bicycle to transport cargo across the country because it’s not the right tool for the job. Similarly, you also shouldn't use a desktop hard drive in your surveillance security system because it wasn’t designed for that application.

WD Purple surveillance-class storage has been tested to be compatible in a wide-range of security systems. These drives are designed to replace standard desktop drives that were not designed for the harsh 24/7 always-on, high-definition surveillance environment. Desktop drives are built to run for only short intervals and are not engineered to withstand high-temperature fluctuations and equipment vibrations found in a typical surveillance application.


Step-by-Step: This is How We Do It

  • 1. You pick the DVR you’d like to customize and the HDD that you’d like installed.
  • 2. The original HDD is removed by a certified member of the Soltech Team
  • 3. The new HDD is then prepped, copied, and tested for compatibility with your system.
  • 4. The new HDD is installed and finally, the DVR itself is tested to check for any issues.
  • 5. The last step is to repackage your DVR and prepare it for shipping.