STS-MIC60 - Security Microphone with 60ft Soltech BNC Cable


Soltech High Powered Surveillance Microphone + 60ft BNC Cable +2 RCA Adapters
This surveillance microphone was produced using high fidelity/low-noise processing chips, clear voice, and versatility in mind in the hopes of fitting into a variety of situations. 

Containing a HIFI processing chip, this surveillance microphone performs with low noise capability. Such a chip can restrain noise within the environment and provide pure tone quality and powerful reception. The product contains a dedicated AGC circuit so it is suitable for different types of MIC supervised environments such as: a bank, a prison, an examination room, a shopping mall, industrial factories, and etc. 

This microphone boasts wide range operation voltage, small electricity consumption and long distance transmission on top of its noise reduction capabilities. It will be a perfect fit to complement your current Samsung Security Camera System. They can be used together to achieve audio and video synchronization within 5~100 square meters. 

This package will allow you to run your microphone a total of 60ft away from your DVR. The package includes our All White Soltech BNC cable along with the security microphone and the RCA Couplers. In the market for a microphone? We've got everything you'll need to set it up all in this one package.

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