SEA-W01ACN - Samsung USB WiFi Adapter


Samsung SEA-W01ACN WiFi Adapter:
The SEA-W01ACN is Samsung’s WiFi Adapter. Like any other wireless adapter, the SEA-W01ACN is capable of acting as a wireless adapter for your PC or Mac; however, this WiFi adapter also holds the capability of connecting your DVR to the internet wirelessly. 

AIO Kit Systems such as SDS-P3022, SDS-S3042, SDS-P3042, SDS-P4042, SDS-P4082, SDS-P5082, SDS-P5102SDS-P5122, SDH-B3040, SDH-B73040, SDH-B73045, SDH-C5100, SDH-C74040, SDH-C75080, SDH-C75100 are capable of utilizing this WiFi Adapter to connect to the internet.

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