June 02, 2017

Hello Everyone,


I am thrilled to share with you all that we have finally received our brand new Samsung-Wisenet Smart Indoor Security Camera, the SNA-R1100W. I’ll be going over a few things such as design, features, and my overall opinion on the camera.

So, first things first, let’s get to the design.



Finally, a model that looks nothing like any of our other products. The design of the SNA-R1100W is incredible in terms of innovation. With its ability to be portable, due to the accessibility of the camera being detached from the station hub, it allows the user to have the various options of placing the camera anywhere for up to three hours. When the battery runs out, you can simply just attach the camera back on to the station hub so it can start charging again. The size of the actual camera is comparable to a soda can, but maybe an inch shorter in height. In terms of weight, it only weighs 0.8 pound so it’s easy to peg at an intruder, just in case you don’t have anything else to throw. But, in all seriousness, two words to describe the design of this model would beSilky Smooth.


The SNA-R1100W has many impressive features that can be boasted. With its 1080p Full HD monitoring, it delivers a crystal clear picture to your smartphone, PC, Mac, or tablet. In addition, with its 1/3.o- inch SMOS sensor included, it allows a maximum lighting through the camera to create a vibrant, colorful video recording experience. The SNA-R1100W is included with a built-in two-way talk, a 130-degree ultra-wide angle lens, and a 24 ft. night vision in total darkness. However, the most impressive feature, in my opinion, would be the Auto Tracking that the SNA-R1100W can provide. With a 350 degree panning, the user has a much broader view of everything, which can be very beneficial to keep an eye on your kids or pets.  Lastly, the SNA-R011W gives you the option of recording video using local storage. With a 128GB MicroSD Card included, there are two ways you can record with this Smart Camera. The SNA-R1100W gives you the option of continuous recording, or event recording. Continuous recording lets you record, well, continuously. It will record without any interruptions so that the user can check back to see what has been recorded while absent. Subsequently, the event recording allows the user to record with less storage building up in the MicroSD Card. To explain, the SNA-R1100W will only record when the camera detects motion or sound.

Personal Opinion

Overall, I can say that the SNA-R1100W delivers as a great Smart Security Camera. However, the only problem that I encountered with this camera was when trying to connect the camera to my phone. Although the step were easy to follow, the actual connection took a while to get going. Other than that, I very much appreciated what the camera had to offer. With a new design and new features, it is safe to say that it was an entertaining camera test. I hope you guys have enjoyed the review, and as always, please feel free to ask any questions regarding the camera.

Thank you.