Refurbished, Refurbished... SNH-6410BN and SNH-6440BN Refurbished Cameras are finally Out!

July 07, 2015

Yes, I believe the title says it all. Ever since the release of the SNH-1011 SmartCam refurbs about a year ago, I've been wondering when Samsung would release the Refurbished units for their HD SmartCam series. About the same time last year when the SNH-1011 refurb cameras were released, I published an article to let you know how great the quality of these cameras were.

The refurbished cameras came in a extremely clean white box with just about everything you'd find in a new box. Of course with refurbished units you may run across situations such as minor scratches or dings or already registered products; however, for just a fraction of the cost you can have the camera that seemed like a wallet-buster! Just to give you an example of both boxes, below are pictures of the refurbished box and the original:

SNH-E6440BN Refurbished


SNH-E6440BN Refurbished


If you're like me, you're probably wondering how and why the refurbished boxes are the same size when the original box size is completely different. I was surprised as well but they made them fit; my guess is that the original boxes have a lot of excess space.

The SNH-P6410BN and the SNH-E6440BN are the best of its kind in the Samsung SmartCam series. With one being specialized for indoor usage and the other for outdoor usage, these two cameras just about cover everything you need in a small package. Working in the security industry for a little over 2 years now, I've become a great big fan of these IP cameras because of the lack of long arduous wiring. If you're not tech savvy, the process of getting a full security camera system online as well as on your phone and computer is extremely daunting! These IP Cameras come straight out of the box, into an outlet, and registered on your computer for quick and efficient usage.

The two have retailed at $189 and $229, respectively, but the refurbished units are seriously a fraction of the price when you see what you're getting. The 6410 and the 6440 are going for $129 and $169, respectively. I mean I find that to be a fairly good deal since I've taken a look at the condition of these cameras and can tell that they are fairly new. Take a look for yourselves with these pictures of open boxes of these refurbished units.

SNH-P6410BN Refurb Open Box

SNH-E6440BN Refurb Open Box