4th for July: Celebration for Some, Worrisome Time for Others

July 03, 2013

What would you say is your biggest worry during the joyous festivities for the 4th of July weekend? For many, worrying is not their biggest concern because they have other things such as bad traffic, restless kids, and guests that take up most of their time.

Have you ever considered how vulnerable a lot of us become during holidays? People close up shop and also leave their houses vacant for a good three to four days depending on when the holiday itself falls; that’s a lot of time during which the things you hold dear are left unguarded.

When I  think of July 4th weekend, I see barbecues, camping trips, road trips, and fireworks. Any kind of trip forces you to leave your house as well as your store vacant for quiet some time. All we ever ask for in our lives is

1. Money
2. Peace of mind.

They both seem to be hard to come by. With all the hard work we’ve put into making our money, we’ve invested it into our houses and our stores; how much would we have to spend in repairing damages if someone were to break in? And what if the culprit isn’t found and cannot be held responsible? It just becomes more money down the drain.

I feel as though security cameras are really an investment for the better. I used to be one of the many that thought “It won’t happen to me. It’s not worth the money.” But the more you live life and the more you see, you begin to realize that you’re not so favored by the world.

The wisest person told me “Sh** happens”

And it definitely does. I believed my car was safe in my driveway but that proved to be wrong as it got broken into and the culprit was never found because of a lack of any kind of evidence. But of course, i lost out on almost $1000 just on repairs and stolen items. But now i have security cameras at my store and at home. I know that I won’t always be at both locations so I feel that I need to pay for a certain peace of mind. If money is tight and your can’t afford a security service, I’d say its the best way to go.

There are camera systems out there to fit your needs at the right price so that you don’t have to mortgage your house for to pay for one. As technology gets better and better, these systems often have email alerts for detected unexpected movements as well as direct viewing of cameras over your smartphones. It’s convenience in your hands.

So worried about what could happen this 4th of July? or even any other holiday as a matter of fact? Leave no room for regrets and give yourself that peace of mind while you take that day or weekend off.

-Soltech Security (Dan)

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