It’s Lunch Time; Do You Know What Fido Is Up To?

July 08, 2013


When I think back to old TV shows, I always remember the ones where the house pet is eagerly waiting for the owner and completely tears up the house just out of pure excitement from the freedom it has.

I’ve also heard of pet-sitters who just don’t care enough to actually look after the pet once the owner is out of the house.

All of these are worries I’m sure every pet owner has or faces at one point in their lives. Of course, not all of us can install security systems in our houses because each system can go up to $600. As much of an investment as it is, it’s definitely not affordable for everyone. So here’s a link to our newest product:

A lot of these monitoring systems are going wireless. Those baby monitors and IP cameras all are trying to achieve a wireless function so that the consumer has a bit more freedom in placing their cameras where their heart pleases. It’s definitely not new technology, but for some reason the process of perfecting the system has taken a long time. I’ve tried out the camera myself, and knowing some of these systems, I expected to be sitting at my desk for over an hour trying to figure out how the damn thing works.

But to my surprise, it’s extremely simple. Just plug in the power, connect the ethernet cord, configure using the given program and site, and presto! it’s done. The whole simplicity factor has and always is growing larger in whatever we buy these days; this one definitely fits the profile.

The video quality isn’t your HD quality video but for something that’s being streamed across the internet and to your computer and smartphone, it’s not too shabby. You can see just about everything clearly and I’m sure you don’t need to see every hair follicle of your dog or cat anyway. The two way speech is pretty interesting. If you’re pet is trained well enough, just the sound of your voice through the camera from your smartphone is probably enough to calm them down.

Oh! I almost forgot! For all you pet bloggers out there. There is a function on the camera that allows you to record and upload instantly on to your youtube account or to a Cloud service which you have to register and pay for. I mean I’m sure recounting the incident of your pet on your blog is amusing as it is, but to add on a video of what you’re talking about will probably captivate even more readers and push the enjoyment of those who already follow.

So definitely give it a try. If anything, it’s an interesting concept that I never really thought about but interesting nonetheless.



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