As Dumb as they Come, Some Criminals that is

July 15, 2013

You’d be very surprised as to how dumb criminals could be.

I was perusing through different articles this morning and came across one that said “Are they the dumbest criminals in the world?” Wouldn’t you be somewhat interested in reading that too if you saw it?

The things they listed were pretty ridiculous but I won’t summarize or go over there here. You can actually go read the full article since I’ll list it on the bottom. I do want to talk about some ridiculous things that I’ve seen caught on camera when it comes to crimes.

There are so many videos that I’ve seen where a criminal or a robber will actually step up to the camera in order to take it off or cover it. Their face isn’t covered so many times you get a full front picture of the person’s face right before they tamper with the camera. Sometimes there’s a bit of a struggle to do what they want to do and during the time the camera is recording the person’s face, voice and possibly names of the other criminals as he/she calls for help.

Smaller criminals would be those in the office who feel that since the Boss isn’t around or a supervisor isn’t around they’d like to do whatever they want. You have your many cases of copy machine abuse or other devious acts that get caught on camera because 1. people don’t see the camera or 2. people think the camera is there for decoration and is never really monitored.

It’s funny when you see these types of videos appear online or on youtube, but in all seriousness its just another benefit to having a security system set up whether its at your home or your business. Some people might be dumb enough to get caught on camera but that only works when you have a system. So now there are two reasons to have a security system:

1. Keep your family and business safe with solid evidence and monitoring


2. Come across some amusing footage of people doing whatever they want when they think no one is looking.

Have a great Monday!


Soltech Security (Dan)

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