We’re not only helping ourselves, but those who work to protect us.

July 16, 2013

We decide to buy security cameras and monitors for mainly our benefit, or we believe that it can only help our own situations. Have you ever considered the other benefits and who else may benefit from these systems?

Many times an empty house or store that’s being broken into will have not one, but a few robbers or intruders. In some cases, all or some may be carrying dangerous weapons. Upon checking your alerts and seeing the footage, of course you’ll be calling the police. I believe the way things work with a call to the police is that the closest officer to your location will most likely get there first and have no other backup until they arrive from different locations. In such a case a lone officer is in risk of coming to harms way when facing multiple intruders. A police officer or not, there are power in numbers and as such, a lone officer will definitely be over powered by multiple intruders.

We as owners of our personal security systems are actually able to warn those that protect us of the possible dangers. Yes, these people work to protect us, but they also have families at home. Their lives are just as valuable as ours, so don’t ever make the comment that just because they’re police officers they should be jumping into these things without hesitation. They are people too. They feel fear, anxiety, hesitance, and all those others. They help to protect us so why don’t we offer them a bit of assistance where we can?

These security cameras or security services that have remote access allow us to warn our officers of potential dangers that we may be able to see. One officer may have trouble with 3 perpetrators and may be better off waiting for back up. In many cases a phone call to the police will be vague and say that there was a break-in. A police officer with that information may decide to go check out the house on his own, only to be taken by surprise by multiple intruders with firearms.

So lets help those who put their lives on the line to help us. Let’s do our part in doing what we can because ultimately knowledge is power. If we can offer that and fill in the blind spots at least a little, we’ll be helping to avoid unnecessary accidents.


Soltech Security (Dan)

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