Be careful of how you walk; you may be a criminal

July 17, 2013

So before I begin this somewhat of an absurd rant I want to briefly speak of our newest promotion from our company.

Extra! has launched a contest for a chance for contestants to win a Samsung PetCam! Why is this our promotion?

Because Samsung partnered with Dr. Gadget from Extra! to make this happen. Call it a way to promote the product if you will.

More importantly, the contest is completely free. The information to it is on the promotions tab up top so be sure to check it out.


Now on to the real thing. Motion detection is a thing of the past. We don’t spend much time thinking about it or being concerned about it.

Ever hear that annoying beep when you walk into offices or see what looks like could be an air freshener stuck in the corner of a room? There you have it; either you’ve noticed it and didn’t care one bit or didn’t notice it at all. Motion detection has been around for some time now and the security systems that we sell have the function as well. The cool part about that is, you can set a motion detection area and the camera/system will begin to record the moment an object, person or thing(you never know) decides to pass by your set area.

Interesting? yes. Useful? definitely. Could possibly get weird? most likely.

I recently read this article about how motion detection could be stepped up to another level. What’s that mean?

They may begin to read into your gait. Yes, I said gait.

It’s not in effect yet, but it is something on the way. I’m sure you’ve heard about it several times or seen it in movies quite a bit. Can’t remember? Let me refresh your memory.

Ever see those movies where they’re trying to capture card counters and on their monitors are the faces of offenders and a whole bunch of green dots around their face? Then their super-computer program decides to match the face with another face that’s in the casino.

It’s very similar to that. So what they’re saying is that when these criminals or terrorists or whatever your want to call them carry things with them, their gait and posture changes to support and compensate for the additional weight.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m all for security and enhancing the ability to capture criminals. I’m just worried that this is going to come out before it’s been perfected and it’s just going to cause a whole lot of false alarms.

If you read my previous post about false alarms, you’ll understand how much I dislike them. I’m sure that I’m not alone in that area.

So here’s my final thoughts on the matter. It’ll be good once the systems perfected but until then, carrying groceries, having a limp, having a bad back, and others may get you marked as a potential threat.



Soltech Security(Dan)


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