Reflection on the ASD Las Vegas Convention

August 15, 2013

If you didn’t know already, our company recently came back from a business trip to Las Vegas to attend the ASD Las Vegas Convention. The convention was just a huge buying and selling ground for wholesalers and buyers! Even with the plethora of things to look at as well as the beautiful booths erected by some of the other companies, it was amazing to see how many people stopped by ours with great interest in security.


So that there was the table where I conducted my operations for a total of 4 days. The set up was simple and the color was straight-forward. We brought over nothing fancy; just two of our systems, baby monitors and a screen to display them on. The first day was extremely slow but as the days went on, we met interesting people and interested people.

Sure, everyone is always concerned about their home safety but a home security system is not the type of thing in everyone’s normal budget. We had multiple people come around asking about the security systems we had brought as well as the systems we had available on our website (a lot of people did their research before coming to the show!). Since we are mainly an e-commerce type business, we’re never really able to show how our products work unless it’s through youtube videos or just by written descriptions.

I was glad to be able to finally show people the quality that we always boast about and the reactions we got from the buyers at the show definitely confirmed that belief once more. It took a lot of time and money to set up our booth, as simple as it looks, but I believe it paid off.

Being an e-commerce seller limits us from a lot of customer interaction. This being the case, I don’t blame some of the disbelief that customers may have when I say that the Samsung products we carry are quality items at a great price. It’s almost as if we were hiding behind a lemonade stand pushing drinks out without ever revealing the pitcher holding the lemonade as well as the face behind the pitcher.

As a company always striving to distribute the best of customer service, we were glad to finally be able to connect with potential customers on a face-to-face basis. We’re glad to be able to serve you as customers, as property owners looking for security, and hope to continue doing so for the future as well.

On behalf of our company here at Soltech US Corp, thank you.

Best Regards,

Soltech Security

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