Photo Contest: Whats your take on them?

September 10, 2013

What’s your take on photo contests? 

From the blogs that I’ve read and browsed through ever since I started this company blog, I’ve seen countless photos. Many of these photos were taken by professions as well as people who point and shoot with their phones.

Regardless of how they were taken, all these photos have some sort of meaning to them. 

When they said that a picture is worth a thousand words, they weren’t kidding. Each picture may mean one thing for one person but a completely different thing for another.

Time and time again, I’ve “liked” many photos as well as their corresponding blog entries here on wordpress. People pin pictures of what they’re interested in on pinterest. Some take their own pictures and post it on instagram.

Pictures have become what we would call a way to express ourselves without words. 

Whether the viewer sees it in the same light is of no importance. We take pictures for our own purposes first and hope that others can relate to it on their own personal level second.

A mom posing with her newborn son may have taken the picture for memory purposes. Another mom may see the picture and feel a rush of emotions as she remembers how fast her son, who at one time had been a new born, has grown up so fast.

So you may look at a picture and wonder, “why do people take these kinds of photos?” At the point, we have to look back and wonder why we take photos in the first place. 

The answer is: for ourselves. 

We take these for ourselves so that we may remember and at one point reminisce about what had happened there. To capture in that one still picture the emotions and happenings that occurred at that moment. 


Imagine having your own pictures here. Sounds like quite a lot of fun to me.

So a picture is no longer worth a thousand words; the amount of words has become infinite.

In lieu of my post here, I’ve created a Facebook Contest for those who love to take pictures. I know that of this blogging community there are several moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and other family members that have children and have shared countless moments of themselves with their children on their blogs.

My company is running a short contest, a photo contest, for those people out there who love taking pictures of themselves with their children. We’re offering a prize of a Samsung Baby monitor to those who win. Maybe you don’t need it but know someone else who might want it. We’ve created a venue where you can brag about your family and show why you want the free prize. 

The link to the promotion is here. Be sure to stop by, drop off a photo, and see the votes roll in from the Facebook community. 

Share single moment with countless others without speaking a single word.

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