Your Very own HD Camera System

September 12, 2013

The latest trend these days is to switch everything from Standard Definition to High Definition. Whether it's your digital camera or your video camera, everyone wants HD and all that for the same reason: clear, crisp, amazing quality. 

We've all seen video footage from banks and other high security spots around us; they all have extremely good quality video recordings. They can zoom into license plates from far away and still make out the letters that define our cars. They can spot people's faces and match it to normal pictures. 

Gone are the days when we sit scratching our heads wondering how that's done: they have full HD cameras monitoring every square inch of their property. 

We, as consumers, have that very same ability now. The new market trend has finally trickled down to the security camera systems and now we can have our own amazing cameras recording our premises. 

Full HD camera systems are beginning to roll out, or have been rolling out, for the every day consumer. Although not all cameras are fully HD, the so-called "hybrid" systems give us a taste of what's to come. Many of these systems come with 4 slots used for HD cameras while the rest are standard definition. As business owners and home owners, we don't come across situations that demand such high quality cameras; maybe one or two here and there would be enough. 

We asked for it and now we have it. I've seen and sold these systems for bout a few weeks now and the response is phenomenal. The customers impressed by the quality of the cameras are innumerable. The main responses come from store owners. Granted their cameras are usually quite close to the register, some of the old camera systems made it so that you could barely make out a face. Now the picture is good enough so that you can even read the small print on the shirts of the customers. It's easy to zoom in and out of the pictures rather than getting your normal digital "zoom" if you can call it a real zoom. 

Technology is getting better and better, and of course manufacturers are always looking for the next best thing that every one wants. The customers demanded it  and now it's finally out on the market for everyone to use. The price may be a bit high compared to some other systems, but the quality, if you need it, is definitely something you won't complain about.

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