Your phone is your new key

September 06, 2013

Remember when internet first became available on phones? Remember when email became standard on Blackberries? Remember when you smartphone became your new TV remote? 

Well I hope your answer is "yes" for at least one of those because I think I covered the way past, the past, and the present. Now, I will be presenting the future.

We are trying to go wireless for everything. Whether its the Bluetooth function on your phone to starting a car remotely, everything is going from needing additional accessories to getting rid of unwanted accessories. My phone currently acts as a phone, key, email, wallet, and much more. So hopefully none of those are new to you but if there is one piece of technology that is still new, it is the key function. These days I open my door into the office using my phone. The NFC card that I bought and placed inside is picked up by our digital door lock and simply unlocks the door. One of my coworkers has gotten rid of all keys except his car keys. Even his car keys don't need to be used! He uses his phone to get into his house, into work, and into anything else that has such a programmable door lock.

Today I read up on a door that connects by WiFi to your phone. As the sole owner of the "key" you can get in and out of the house at the touch of a button on your phone. It's also made to detect the signals and open up the door in case you have your hands full. 

You also have the option of sending others keys that are valid for a set time of your choosing, making it possible for you to not have to be home to allow your guests to wait inside. 

What was most amusing was the fact that the screen on the front of the door lock has a camera. It takes a picture of who is at the door and sends it to your phone so that you can check who is trying to access the door. Pretty cool isn't it? 

As great as this kind of product may be, I am personally somewhat  wary of purchasing this type of door lock. Why? Because things that work over WiFi tend to become easy access to those who are looking to hack into you house. I would have to assume that this door lock connects multiple phones to the WiFi network and also has a way to prompt those trying to connect to it with a password. 

It's been found time and time again that these security systems utilizing a WiFi network barely contain a security measure strong enough to prevent hacking. 

So ultimately, something like this is definitely innovative and made to make your life easier, but be careful when you do buy it because the safety features on these types of products are still fairly new and may pose some problems. 

A video for the door lock can be seen here

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