What's he doing in the office?

July 18, 2013

aken240l (1) There are some ridiculous things that go on in the office. Ever watch those tv shows where people go into the copy room and decide 'wow let's make a copy of my butt'? Well let me tell you; stuff like that does happen, we just don't know it. Security camera footage is all over youtube, whether it's people doing odd things in the store or people doing odd things in the office. Both are the same; they provide the person watching with some comic relief. At the same time, the owner of the store or the CEO of the company must be infuriated. As funny as it may seem, things like that in an office or store is never beneficial to the owners. People playing around with your displayed items and putting stuff on your products could potentially drop the sales of that item. A copy machine that's been sat on could now have a crack on the glass. One way or another, there is a negative result of such actions; it's just that the owner or CEO is the one who has to deal with it. You would think security cameras would stop such things. That people would be smart enough to know that they're being watched to some degree. But I've also come to realize that some people get a thrill out of being watched doing those things. They'll look straight into the camera, make sure they're in view and go ahead with their actions. The point is that there are two ways to look at having security cameras. 1. The first is that it is somewhat of an entertainment source when you're bored. I guarantee you that while you're at the office, there are things going on that you probably missed but the camera caught. 2. The second is that it is going to be easy to place blame on someone for doing something. You'll have evidence of their actions on video and there is no way to really edit that. So if you can afford it definitely go out there and get one. Aren't those two benefits more than enough to make you want one? Regards, Soltech Security (Dan)

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