Trying to Secure the House, Not Buy Another One

July 24, 2013


This picture cracks me up. To what lengths will you go to find security for you house?

Does it ever feel like you're paying a fortune for what seems to be a set of metal (or plastic) Legos that should only cost you about maybe two to three hundred dollars? 

I look at some of the prices of security services and some extravagant security camera systems and wonder how people afford half the stuff that is being bought. Companies such as ADT charges what seems to be $600 for installation of their best services along with $57 dollars per month with most likely other taxes and charges. By the end of the year you've spend close to a grand and will continue to do so as you decide to keep it. 

I understand that some people can afford it; I'm definitely not criticizing those who have it. On the flip side, there are those who can't afford to shell out a thousand dollars per year on a security service. Well I've got some great news for you. I read in an article yesterday that IP cameras are becoming the new thing. People don't want to buy elaborate systems and don't want to pay large sums of money for security services that they don't really seem to need. 


If you remember a few posts ago, I spoke about a PetCam that Samsung had come out with. You can go back a few posts and read it if you like, but I realized that the IP cameras are of the same design and basically have the exact same function. If you don't feel like paying large sums of money, these are not a bad deal for you. The IP camera we currently have is priced at $129. Definitely affordable and it doesn't have monthly payments. You connect it to your router just once and once installation and everything is complete, it's completely wireless (except for the power cord of course). 

Best thing is that it comes with just about the same features as your normal security system. Want to monitor it on your smart phone or tablet? Go right ahead! Most of these IP camera systems will actually have a supporting app that allows you to log right in and check up on the cameras you registered. 

So if installation prices, wiring and service plan prices are a worry for you, you can thank me later for this solution. These have minimal wiring; you only really have to worry about the power cord. Everything is done wireless so just have your wireless router set up and you're golden. 

I'm reading it over and it kind of sounds like a sales pitch, but I guess it kind of is. Of course i'd like to sell you guys the more expensive stuff but I'm really just trying to give you a tip here on saving your money. These things are cheaper than most full systems but still work efficiently. 

So i'll leave you with a link to the product if you want to know more. Like I said, I don't want to use this site for anything other than to give readers information and interesting insights from people here at our company. So hopefully you found this helpful!


Soltech Security(Dan)


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