The New SNH-P6410BN - The Samsung Full HD IP Camera has been Released!

March 21, 2014

You heard right! The new HD IP camera is out and ready to be installed in your homes! We've been hearing the same question from customers for quite some time now, and it seems Samsung has finally answered both ours and our customers' wishes. The new SNH-P6410BN Samsung HD IP Camera is out on the market. I've used it and now am ready to review it for you so that you can know a bit more about the product before you press the buy button. Ready? Here we go.


Introducing the SNH-P6410BN. The dimensions of the product are as follows: 1.5 inches thick and 3 inches in diameter.

The SNH-P6410BN captures high definition video footage at 1080p with a wide angle lens. Equipped with an microSD card slot, the camera is compatible with microSD cards of up to 64 GB in size. The camera comes equipped with the latest firmware, enabling Wi-Fi direct capability identical to the SNH-1011N refurbished model that we released not too long ago. The camera also has a audio out port on the back to support speakers in the case you'd like your outgoing sound to be louder than the volume of the camera.

That was more of a formal introduction of the general features of the camera. Let me show you the perks of this new release.

First and foremost, the start up time has drastically decreased. If you remember the SNH-1011N, the start up process of the camera used to take a minute or two which encompassed the camera's "boot-up" process. That long wait is now gone! The SNH-P6410BN boots up within seconds and is ready for setup almost immediately.

One of the biggest disadvantages of a standard camera is the limited field of view due to the smaller lens. The SNH-P6419BN comes with a wide angle lens that lets you see more that your expectations. It covers a wide area of space so that you can place your camera in the corner of the room and literally see the entire room without getting cut off.

Of course the biggest perk is the 1080p HD resolution. Not only have the other parts of the camera been upgraded, but now the resolution is substantially better, getting you the greatest quality picture. Wait it gets a bit better from here. There is now the toggling function of WDR also known as Wide Dynamic Range. This feature is an attribute that allows you to record videos at greater details despite the poor lighting. When we set up our cameras, we find that it isn't always installed in the most optimal places because lighting is always bound to change. The function of the WDR basically tries to account for that so that you'll be getting the most optimal picture within a poorly lit or too intensely lit areas.


You can see the difference between me having the WDR function on and off. Although our room is very well lit, it can come up as dark in the eyes of the camera lens. As such we utilize the WDR function to adjust that for us, and as you can see the stamp on my desk is much more visible when the WDR function is on. This may not be the case at all times, but that is why you have the ability to toggle it on or off. 

There's more! There are functions within the phone app that the website doesn't provide such as the lullaby feature and the voice recording feature. I would assume it is because most people don't have a microphone attached to their computers. Another function that I do like is the Picassa option. Unfortunately, Google decided to take off the YouTube capability of these cameras but the pictures are sometimes more than enough to tell you what's going on. Frankly, the YouTube function isn't even necessary at this point. The newly included microSD card slot allows you to record your events; so why upload when you can save it to view it yourself with a much larger memory?

Finally, the newest addition to the camera is the smart detection. Instead of receiving alerts for every single thing that moves in front of your camera, you can designate the area you'd like to have alerts for. They allow you to have up to 3 spots that you designate on your own by dragging the mouse and creating a rectangular area marked in transparent red.


Overall review of the product is great. The video quality has much improved since the last IP camera, and the newly added features really make it something else. Some of the few gripes I have with the product is that it is a bit bulky, but aside from that everything seems to be great so far.

We'll have a setup video prepared for you soon as well, but just in case you need one right now, you can watch the installation video for the SNH-1011N on our website. The process is identical; the only difference is that it is a bit faster.

-Soltech Security

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