The Future is Here!

July 22, 2013


Everyone remembers watching I, Robot with Will Smith. Do you remember the robot guards and the robot service bots? If it wasn't for the whole "lets demolish the human race" factor, I think it would've been pretty cool. 

Now, I'm not sure as to how big the fear of a robot take-over actually is, but it seems people are starting to invest in what possibly could the the future of security systems. 



What started out as a toy/gadget for the younger generations, this spy-robot is starting to become the new thing for homeowners. In a recent article in the NY Times, I read that people are starting to do a bit of programming of their own, tweaking the toy into a security camera that is able to roam around the house based on where you want it to go. So from a remote location, the user is able to control the robot to zip through the house and send back streaming video feed to the user. 

Old news? It definitely is since people have been thinking about and wishing for robot guards for so long now. We always have on the back of our minds, " I wish I had a robot to do this for me." 

Have no pet dogs that can ward off robbers? Here is this new and improved hypoallergenic robot that can function as a guard dog! 



This sounds pretty ridiculous, but I think people are starting to find technology like this to be more comforting. It's amazing what the human mind will come up with when it needs to. It's always been a thing where people feel limited as to what they can do just because they give it the title of "only in the movies." Now people are taking what they see and trying to make reality. "Beware of the dog" has now become "beware of the robot." Who knows? We could be seeing robots from I, Robot start to walk our streets, cleaning our houses, doing errands, and much more in the future. But it seems like imaginations are running wild now and the impossible is more than possible now. 

Maybe a security system with cameras isn't for you. Maybe you'd like to have a more "progressive" security system. Or maybe you can just read this and have a good laugh. As funny as it is, it's real and it's going to happen at one point or another. Enjoy! 



Soltech Security (Dan)

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