Smart home; Convenience Could be a Problem.

August 30, 2013

So as I was doing my daily morning routine of checking through news articles this morning, I came across a very interesting article. 

Ever since I can remember, people have always been looking for that possibility where they would be able to sit at home and not have to ever lift a finger. The technology is now out there and available for for those who are wiling to drop some serious cash on the service. Windows, AC, Heat, door locks, alarms, security cameras and more can be set up along your house so that everything is done automatically depending on your settings. 


Even while watching movies such as Iron man, the thought of having a computer run things for you merely by simple commands have become something close to reality. 

The question becomes: is it ready and safe to use for the general public? 

It's not so much of a worry that the systems will develop a super smart mind and attack you. It's more so of a worry that there will be hackers ready to take over your network and demolish everything from the inside out. 

The article that I read explained just that. Some of these smart home systems come with no encryption services. Sure it may be easy for you to set up and have everything on an automated system, but with not even the simplest encryption, that system is an invitation for hackers and robbers. 

They just have to get into your network to monitor when the house is empty and to unlock doors and windows at the click of a mouse. The article can be watched here.

So before you go ahead and decide that a smart home is right for you, make sure you check these kinds of features before making a purchase. Instead of making life easy for you, you may be making life easy for those waiting for an opportunity to rob you. 




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