Security or invasion of privacy? Where do you draw the line?

July 19, 2013

So up until now, I've spoken about the benefits of security systems and have tried to gear a lot of my posts towards security cameras in general. I've come to realize that readers can just go to websites and hear the same type of stories that have been put together avoiding the dark, grey spots within that we call "security." I want to go back to my initial goal or objective and really start writing about what my interest the readers; to avoid what may be considered simple advertisement for sales of our company. I want to tackle problems as well as benefits within our security system and get out my opinion on certain things for readers to browse through so that they get both ends as a result. 

To drive my conversation back to my topic, I want to discuss data collection. You could definitely relate this back to camera footage as well but as of the moment, you as the reader can assume that such is included when I say data collection.

Ever since the Patriot Act was established, there has been this idea in our heads that we are being watched. It didn't matter if we were taking our dogs out for a walk or if we were just sitting out on our porch; we felt that we were being watched. It's been just about 12 years since it was put into action and now, I believe we've all come to terms with it. I came across an article that addressed the US intelligence agency's "going off the tracks" when it came to phone data collection. 

The Patriot Act really took away a lot of restrictions when it came to "snooping around" as long as it was being used to ensure safety and prevent terrorist actions. Even without knowing too much about it, I can definitely see it being abused. The act itself had been revised to ensure that checking phone records and other data would be a bit more restricted but of course there are always loop holes. 

I personally find myself in a bind when coming to either approve or disapprove of these type of laws. One part of me says that its okay to monitor my phone calls since I really don't have much to hide but another part of me says that this is preposterous because my privacy is my privacy and they should respect that. 

We as people are always asking that the government do something about certain events that have occurred. We always want more security and more protection, but when it means that we have to sacrifice some of our privacy or some of our freedom in order to achieve it, it becomes a big deal. 

They may ask to put security cameras around the blocks on our streets in order to keep a close eye on everything but I guarantee you that there will be someone who is against it. That someone probably wishes the government would do something about our "lack" of security but doesn't want to lose out on the freedom that he/she has right now. 

Don't get me wrong. I am guilty of such things from time to time as well. For example, I can't stand airport security, a topic for discussion for another time. It feels all too excessive and I don't want to have to take off my shoes and belt in order to make it through. Do I look like a criminal to you? 

That question is what gets us. You ask that simple question and feel offended because if you didn't look like a criminal, they shouldn't have to check you, right? 

In the end, it really comes down to what are we willing to sacrifice for our own protection. I'm not saying that you should just willingly take it as it comes, but there will be sacrifices on our end that will have to be made in order for us to receive the "security" that we want. 

So where do you draw the line? I don't think there is one exact place where you can. The government will come out with what they think is security and we'll question as to whether its really security or an invasion of privacy. It'll eventually meet at a midpoint and certain things will change while others will just have to stay the same. It's a never-ending battle. Almost like a paper you're constantly editing until perfection, security for us will also have to undergo many revisions until we've reached what we consider perfection.

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