Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011 and Google Drive

May 30, 2014

*Update 11/4/2014* The issue with Google Drive has been resolved. I upgraded my firmware this morning with the newest version (2.12_141027) and found that everything works. I'm no longer getting the Failed to Save message so it seems we're all set to go. *End Update* There have been a lot of questions in regards to the Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011N camera and the latest update that brought about Google Drive as the Cloud storage server that took the place of the previous Youtube Setting. Let me give you a brief background recap of the original settings of the SNH-1011N camera. It's your standard IP camera that is mainly meant for general surveillance. There was no storage option like the new SNH-P6410 has, but it was mainly used for streaming surveillance so the YouTube function was enough. What YouTube function am I talking about?  Originally, the camera would upload 30 second clips to YouTube as a result of alerts/motion/audio detection. So you'd have access to the video feed in the case that you were on the go or just had a video you wanted to share with your friends and family. Despite this convenient and free recording feature, there were some issues that we noticed. In some cases, YouTube would limit how many videos you were able to upload and as a result, a full account could quite possibly not record video footage due to the lack of space. We've seen limits as low as 10 videos upon which uploads would stop and you would not be able to upload anything else until you've erased it. Here comes Google Drive. I consider the Google Drive update to be extremely amazing. Consider the following:  - 15 GB Free storage Space - Readily available file access through the Google Drive App - Google Drive is available for desktop usage. - Videos are saved as 30 second clips, each ranging from 5 to 6 MB - Files are sorted into a SmartCam folder on Google Drive / Subcategorized by Camera Serial Number / Further categorized by Date - Easy file management from computer, tablet, and smartphone These features are clearly superior to the YouTube features that were once available. Even better, if you have the Google Drive app on your phone, you'll most likely be looking at these video files directly from your phone in the exact same way you would with YouTube Clips. The biggest advantage that the Google Drive update gives is the download capability. Before, you'd usually have to show a video through YouTube or require some sort of internet access to see the video footage, but now you have the videos readily available to you whether it's online or offline. Linking up your Google Drive If you currently have a Google/Gmail account, you probably already have a Google Drive account considering it's all under one roof. 2014-05-30_1643   If you take a close look at this image here, you'll notice that a new option has been added in place of the YouTube option. You'll have to provide an authentication request in order to link your Google Drive account to the camera. **Please note that you have to have pop ups disabled in order for the authentication page to come up**  Once you've finished all that, you're Google Drive is set to go. 2014-05-30_1652 You'll also notice in the picture above that the folder has been automatically created on Google Drive as I had mentioned before.  As it was also mentioned before, there are subcategories created to further organize your files. Now, how do I get it on my desktop? There are several ways in which you can get the videos to be downloaded to your desktop. when clicking on one of the videos on the list, you'll be prompted with a new window with the video on screen and options along the bottom of that window.  You'll see that on right side bottom corner, there are three options: Open, Share, and Download. Pressing on the download button will download the video on to your computer, the share button will allow you to share the video file on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email, and the open button will open up the video on a completely different window for that video. Downloading Google Drive to the Desktop 2014-05-30_1710 Download Google Drive on to your desktop by going to the following link or by clicking on the image above. It's extremely simple and the way Google Drive is set up allows you to open up the drive as if it were just another folder on your computer. Of course there is a bit of a syncing delay so your videos may not arrive on the spot, but given the size of the videos are fairly small there shouldn't be too much of a time delay on the video deliveries. We'll be uploading a video of the setup process fairly soon. So in the interim, if you have any questions in regards to setting yourself up with Google Drive, feel free to contact me and I'll try my best to help you. Best Regards, Dan P. from Soltech Security

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