Samsung Security Systems & Warranty (manufacturer warranty) Issues

June 18, 2015

So I've been going through some of the sites where customers have bought systems and have left reviews. After perusing through some of these reviews, I find that either the items were probably bought from illegitimate sellers or they are completely irrelevant. I'll be covering the warranty claiming process here today as it seems to be a confusing one that is giving a lot of people trouble; so here we go. As many of you know, most electronics, if not all, come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Whether it is your cell phone, computer, radio, cd player (not sure if these are still used), or your security system, most of these items will come with some sort of warranty. A few things to remember about the warranties:
  1. Manufacturer's warranties only cover a certain type of issue. These issues include situations such as hardware failure or item defects. Any kind of issue or problem caused by or brought upon by negligence or the end user is not covered. 
  2. Manufacturer's warranties can come at different lengths. Some companies generously offer 2 or 3 years and some offer something along the lines of 1 year or less.
  3. Refurbished items have a much shorter warranty length. Normally it is about 90 days or so, but don't take it as a given that you have 90 days as some of the other popular lengths tend to be 30 or 60 days.
  4. Warranties begin from your purchase date. This is extremely important because of a few reasons but I'll come back to that in a bit.
  5. Always hold on to or have a way to obtain your original invoice as most companies will want a proof of purchase when the warranty is claimed.
Okay, so those are a few things to remember about warranties. Of course, there are many other things you should keep in mind but that's what the fine print is all about. Companies tend to get a bit sneaky and sometimes the fine print is all they need to tell you that they won't honor your warranty. Next, do your research! It's critical when you buy an electronic that you know exactly what you're getting. Just because one person has a 2 year warranty doesn't mean that you will too! Many companies have promotions and deals where an extra year or some amount of extra time has been added on to warranties. From my knowledge, the Samsung security products are given an extra 3 months on top of the 1 year already included when you register the device on their website at Additionally, the reason why I emphasize having to do your research first is because sometimes warranties and their terms can differ across companies. Some will request that you be in charge of shipping and handling both ways and some may specify a completely different means; however, being surprised by sudden payments or costs is never an invited guest so you should at the very least know what you're getting into. The warranty start dates that I mentioned earlier are very important. It is also important to buy your items from an authorized or legitimate seller or store if you want that warranty to hold up. This is really important! Why? Sellers on eBay, Amazon, and elsewhere may sometimes be people who have bought the items themselves from a legitimate site when items were on sale and are reselling them to you. Technically, those warranties were counting down from the minute they bought them as opposed to when you'll be buying them. For example, if someone bought the SmartCam back in January 2015 and sold it to you in June 2015, that serial number on the camera has been sent to Samsung's warranty department as having been purchased in January. This means your warranty is pretty much half done by the time you buy it. It's a very widely done practice by sellers who are looking to sell in the eCommerce industry as an easy means to test products and their popularity; however, it's the end user that ends up having to suffer for it. I mean there are times when even the warranty department messes up and tells you that your item is not under warranty when it should be, but this happens to be the reason why. In most cases, if you bought the item from an authorized legitimate seller, the warranty claims should never really be an issue. With customers who do have trouble with warranty claims for items bought through us, I was always able to contact the warranty center with information to get it cleared away. An alternative! One option would be to get additional warranties from a third party as opposed to extending the manufacturer warranty. This is because other warranty plans, although some may get pricey, offer accidental damage coverage as well which will cover things aside from your normal defects or busts; these things also come with their limitations but it's usually better than nothing. If you're also very thorough you could always check right after receiving the product. Even if you are not claiming your warranty, you can always call the warranty departments to check and see if your warranty is active and when it will be expiring. This kind of process may not be all that beneficial or necessary if your item is somewhere around $10 as it would be much cheaper to buy a new one; however, for more expensive items it is always good to be thorough. Hopefully this debunks or clarifies some of your warranty issues or concerns. Warranties have always been somewhat of a dreaded process as it always seems like the company doesn't ever want to honor them; however, it is something that we're given when we make that first purchase so always take advantage of it and make sure you get the most out of your money. These are practically included in the price of the items you buy, and due to the fact that electronics are so prone to or bound to break you should always keep that in mind.

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