Samsung Hybrid HD Systems use RJ-45; can I use my old RJ-45 Cameras with these systems?

July 02, 2015

So today I decided I would clarify a situation that seems to be baffling a lot of customers. Normally the simple answer would be that they don't work; however, because of an issue I saw recently, I thought this would be a helpful way of clarifying the situation. So the topic for today: I have older RJ-45 cameras from an old Samsung system; can I use them with my Hybrid HD system that has RJ-45 ports?  If in the case that you have purchased the Samsung Hybrid System in the hopes that you could use your older cameras, you'll have ports that look like the image below: RJ45That being said, I'm sorry to tell you that they do not work. As you can tell from the image above, there are 4 RJ-45 Ports included in this system. This picture comes from our hybrid DVR that only comes with 4 ports for the HD cameras included. If you look to the far right side, you'll also notice that there is only 1 power cable connected to the DVR. This is possible because of the voltage of the HD cameras is easily maintained by the main power source along with sourcing power for the rest of the DVR. Although each camera's power consumption sums up to 4W on the HD cameras, the wiring of the cables are different compared to that of the older SDE system cameras. If you recall some of these cameras from the SDE systems, they were all PoE cameras that used RJ-45 for all power, video and sound. Additionally, the SDE systems of similar channels had an additional power port to make up for the extra amount of power consumption that was expected. The cabling used for the older cameras were wired differently and were meant to carry much more power to the cameras compared to the newer systems that use the generic RJ-45 cable.  You can see the dual power ports from an older SDE-5001 system below: SDEPOWER Aside from the power consumption, the hybrid systems have a different type of chip board in them that makes it impossible for them to read the older cameras. An interesting phenomenon that was brought up to me recently was of a customer who had plugged in two of his older cameras into the hybrid system and saw that the system shorted in power when plugging in the third one. The overloading of the system caused him to fry his circuit board making the power supply to the DVR short out. He found that unplugging the third camera actually resulted in power coming back in to the DVR, but at that point, you've done damage that could come back to haunt you later. So the result is that you should never plug in your cameras from your SDE systems that used PoE into these hybrid systems just to stay away from possibly shorting out your systems. Losing power to your DVR would be the tip of the iceberg as it is possible to short out and burn out your cameras too.

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