Quirky yet effective

July 29, 2013

For a few weeks now I've been stressing or emphasizing the benefits to having a security system or some sort of video surveillance in homes or work places. 

It's expensive. I know because I sell them! 

So let me give you some alternatives, as quirky as they may be, that may be useful to some of you out there. 

Within your average neighborhood, crimes that occur originate from within. I mean that someone within your neighborhood probably robbed you. It's almost like how they say that most accidents happen only three minutes away from home; robberies are no different. If you're in an extremely affluent neighborhood, you may experience something different since everyone around you is probably just as rich. But in your average neighborhood, it's more likely that someone in your town just happened to notice that no one was home and decided to break in. 

Now if you don't have cameras or anything of that sort, you won't be able to identify the robber. What we can do instead is to deter them from ever having stepped foot into the house. Here are some funny yet effective ways to do so.

1. Buy a sign.


When I say sign, I mean one of those "beware of dog" signs.  The sign above is quite clever. But even with that, you can leave a big dog food bowl outside the door just to make it seem like you do have a fairly large dog that will destroy intruders. 

There are other signs as well! You can find one that says, "this house is under 24 hour surveillance. Sure they could go around and check but most criminals don't want to be seen and if the house is "under constant watch" then it may be enough to keep them away. 

2. Hire a landscaping company

Yes this costs money. Robbers want to get in and out of the house as soon as possible and also look for chances where the home owners are not in the house. Schedule them to do work on your lawn while you are not at home. Just seeing that there are people around the house during those times may be enough to keep burglars away. 

3. Buy a radio

Why buy a radio you ask? Well, radios make noise. And empty homes do not make noise. Show these robbers that there are still people home.

4. Leave your living room lights on.

Empty houses are dark because people don't want to waste electricity. Change your light bulbs to something more energy efficient and leave them on when you leave the house. 

5. Leave a car parked in your driveway

What more confirmation do you need other than a car being parked at home to show people that someone is probably home. 

So, I'm sure there's a few more out there but you get what I'm trying to say. It's all about a little deception. Show off that someone may be at home and that breaking in may cause them trouble. All criminals want an easy run; that's why they steal instead of working to buy what they want. Throw them off their tracks a little bit and it may be enough to save yourself from a break-in.

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