It's hard to run away these days...

July 30, 2013

Starting tomorrow, I think we'll be updating our blog 3 times a week instead of everyday. 

Now the title makes it seem as if this article will be one of emotional breakdown but it is not. If you've been following me for some time now, you remember my post about the Blackbox dashcam. I'm sure some read it with a bit of skepticism as well as the mentality that it really isn't necessary. But let me tell you something; it really is a life saver. 

One of our employees yesterday was almost side-swiped on the way home. A driver abruptly cut him off on the high way and caused our employee, Bob to make life simpler for myself, and caused Bob to swerve into the side railing. Of course the driver didn't pay any attention to the case and drove off. In those situations we just curse the existence of the other driver and force ourselves to move on. Bob actually recently purchased his own dashcam through the company because he thought it was interesting. He loved gadgets and just had to have one. He had no care for how it was supposed to be used, but like the rest of his car, he just had to fill it up with whatever he found to be interesting. 

His camera recorded everything. From the moment the car cut him off too early to the moment he crashed into the railing. It recorded his interaction with the police and his irritated drive back home. The police told him that it would be impossible to find the other driver because no one had seen his plate and because there was no surveillance on the highway he was on. 

You can here the officer speaking about the dashcam as he talks about the lack of evidence. You hear him talking about how this piece of equipment could actually turn things around. Bob took the dashcam home, reviewed his footage and was actually able to find the plate number of the car that had wronged him. He had a clear picture of the plate as well as the car itself. 

The police took his evidence the next day and is in the process of finding the other driver. 

It's hard to run away these days. It's hard to say I don't remember what happened because we now have things that do that for us. Cameras equipped in the car make it so that you don't get hit with the lack of evidence clause and allow you to find justice where it is needed. As much of an invest as this dashcam was, I'm sure Bob is loving the fact that he won't have to pay for the damages done to his car. He had hard evidence of who did this to him and it is more than enough to prove it. 

You never know what's going to happen on the road. You may be driving perfectly but there are others out there that do not. Save yourself the trouble of having to deal with unexplainable accidents. Have your own evidence since no one will provide it for you. 



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