Honest Shoppers Restoring Faith in Humanity

August 28, 2013

I recently came upon this piece of gold while sitting in the ER the other night. 


So a brief background on the piece of gold I'm talking about is this: a few young men "broke into a store" who's front lock was malfunctioning. The store itself was supposed to be closed but with the surrounding stores being open as well as the door being unlocked, these boys wandered into the store probably assuming it was indeed open. Noticing the cashier was never showing up, these boys grabbed what they needed, did quick math of how much everything was, waved the amount of money in front of the security camera, left it on the counter and peacefully left. The owners were notified of a break-in but all they found was money on the table along with security footage of young men still having what you would call a sense of what's right. 

The link to the actual article as well as the video can be found here.

Now for my actual post. I made a quick search on this case on google and came across a Facebook post in regards to the article. There are those people who commented with commendations but there were also those who had quite a few negative things to say. My question is...why?

Why is it that good things highlighted in the news is always fodder for those negative nancys who just can't seem to be happy for other people? Is news always supposed to be about morbid occurrences that make me feel a sense of disgust and hatred for humanity? 

The amount of skepticism and hatred that exists in this country, maybe even the whole world, is just absolutely amazing. Nobody seems to believe in the good Samaritan, and nobody believes that there are those out there who believe in doing the right thing. How bad has our world gotten that our expectations of those in an empty store is theft? 

These men are to be commended for what they did. Is it news-worthy? Of course it is! Not so much in a sense where we are making them out to be celebrities but to encourage others that this kind of act is well within our abilities. Why must we expect the worst from people? There is still good out there and as a community we need to encourage it. 

So for people questioning why they being rewarded for doing what's right, you need to realize that our expectations for people have dropped so low that "honest shoppers" seem to be a rarity. We reward good behavior to encourage more good behavior and I would hope that such is contagious within our society. 

I'm grateful that this act was caught on cameras in the stores because now we have proof. We have clear cut proof of what happened and the integrity of these young men won't be questioned because there is proof. 

Well done guys. We hope to see future generations as well as current ones to be shaped into honest people such as yourself.


Best Regards,

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