Home Security Trends

September 04, 2013

Trends don't just apply to clothing and entertainment electronics; home security is no different. 

As technology is evolving, home security has desperately tried to keep up with the pace. The newest or most trending technology today is the smart phone. The smart phone has become one of the few items that people deem as impossible to live without as our form of communication has changed from hand-written mail and phone calls to text messaging and mass emails. Our need to have our lives in the palm of our hands has made smart phones one of the most trending pieces of technology today. 

Security systems are right a bit late but they're having no trouble integrating the idea of having not just our lives but our homes in our palms. Most camera systems these days come with the capability for full integration into the home internet network that allows email alerts, live streaming from home computer, and most importantly, remote access across smartphones and tablets. So not only do you have the ability to carry your most important files along with emails in a single device, but you now also have the ability to carry your home along with everything else on-the-go. 

The most interesting thing that I've seen up until now was a product I came across during a bit of research. It's called the Canary Smart Home Security System. What made it unique as well as an interest for me was the fact that it was designed with the thought of NYC residents in mind. Most New Yorkers are living in apartments that don't cover a whole lot of space. It's home to many but the size doesn't compare to the family homes available in other areas. 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image Very Compact. Looks great on the phone[/caption]

Most security systems require installation, wiring, multiple cameras and a DVR box. Unlike it's close relatives, the Canary system looks no different from a fancy external hard drive. It connects to the WiFi in the apartment, sync it to your smart phone, and you're set! It's got fancy features like motion detection, temperature sensors, humidity and air quality sensors, live viewing of the home and also what seems to be playback as well. 

The best thing about it is that its compact. The camera is included in the unit so you don't need extra wiring. For a smaller apartment that needs a little surveillance, I think this would be perfect! 

So like I said, home security systems are hopping on to what is the trend in technology today. At the rate it's going, I would not be surprised to see even crazier things providing surveillance and safety within homes.

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