Great...I Forgot My Keys

July 02, 2013

After Monday comes the dreaded Tuesday, the day that seems to be so close to the weekend and yet so far. I walked out of my house all ready for work and yet, I'm still half asleep and waiting for my morning coffee to finally kick in. I get in my car and drive off to work and the moment I park, I come to the realization that I had forgotten my keys to get into the office building. If you've come across the same kind of situation, I'm sure you can understand the irritation and angst that follows because: 1. I may have to go back home and get the key which would result in me being late -or- 2. I have to wait around for the security guard to check my license and check with the company and all that good stuff. So regardless of what happens, I'm actually inconvenienced in one way or another. There is a turn around to this story/post; i promise.  If you've taken a peek at the "About Us" section, you know that I work for a security system sales company, and one of our products is the digital door lock. I've always noticed it attached to our door but never have I seen anyone use it. It confused me at first, but I followed suit and never used it either. It's got a digital keypad for punching in a combination of numbers or a key hole in the bottom for worst case scenarios (which in our case became the first option). But its also got a digital sensor for these ID sticks that everyone in the company was handed when we installed the door lock. It had become so forgotten that it hangs from my keychain as a decorative button, if you will. After fervently checking through my array of keys 4 to 5 times, I realized that this thing was there too. And of course, this ends happily, by me getting into the office using this digital key. I know it's long but bear with me because I do have a point to all this. If you're like me, there are many times when you either walk out of the house without your keys, and it happens to lock on its own. Or you get to another building of yours and you've forgotten your keys once more. Convenience has definitely come a long way.  I've attached a picture of what this looks like to the post so hopefully you'll be able to relate with me after seeing it. If you want one for yourself, we do sell it so check it out if you're interested. But just on a personal level, I'm the type to rush out of the house many more times than I'm willing to admit. Today, this thing saved me a whole lot of trouble, and I hope it will do the same for some of you as well.  Image

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