FAQ for SEW-3043W BrightVIEW Baby Monitor

February 10, 2016

With the release of SEW-3043W in January 2016, this baby monitor has definitely grown in popularity. As a result, we have begun to receive many questions regarding this product from curious customers. This FAQ will serve as the ultimate guide if you are considering purchasing your own SEW-3043 baby monitor. If there are any additional questions, please let us know in the comments section below☺
  1. Will the SEW-3043W work with Samsung’s previous baby monitor cameras such as the SEB-1019R (SEW-3036W Camera) or the SEP-1001R (SEW-3037W Camera)?
    • Unfortunately, the two cameras SEP-1001R and the SEB-1019R are not compatible with the new SEW-3043W baby monitor. Due to changes in the hardware of the new baby monitor with an upgrade to HD quality imaging and higher resolution, the older cameras are not compatible with the new model.
  2. Will this camera (SEP-1003R) have a temperature sensor?
    • No, the SEP-1003R camera from the SEW-3043W baby monitor package will not have a temperature sensor.
  3. Does the SEW-3043W operate over a Wi-Fi network? If so, is remote viewing via smartphones available?
    • No, the SEW-3043W does not operate over or require a Wi-Fi network. The parent camera unit connects directly with one another using a specific frequency, so no Wi-Fi network is necessary. Additionally, there is no remote viewing via smartphones available since these two units do not connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  4. How long is the battery life on this monitor?
    • The battery life on this unit will vary depending on the actual usage; however, the advertised time frame of the average battery life of the item is 4 hours.
  5. Can the camera be mounted on a wall?
    • The camera unit can most definitely be mounted on the wall. It actually is somewhat recommended since it allows your camera to cover more areas compared to when the camera is placed on a table or a different flat surface. The camera itself comes with mounting screws that fit the slots on the bottom of the camera so you don’t have to purchase these separately.
  6. Do the cameras need to be plugged in at all times or do they have a rechargeable battery as well?
    • Unfortunately, the cameras need to be plugged in at all times. The camera does not have a rechargeable battery like the monitor, and it cannot function without a constant power source.
  7. How long does the warranty last for the baby monitor and camera?
    • Each individual unit has a 1 year manufacturer warranty from Samsung. The warranty covers all malfunctions and issues that arise from possible defects and internal issues; however, damage or issues arising from misuse is not covered.
  8. Are additional cameras available for purchase?
  9. How do I pair additional cameras?
    • In order to pair additional cameras, you will need to navigate to the menu where the specific pairing icon can be found. The icon or button is the 2nd from the left on the bottom row and has a picture of the camera and monitor. Once you click on the icon, you'll then be led to a registration screen where you'll see available slots for the additional camera to be paired. Upon selecting the empty slot, you’ll have 30 seconds to press the pair button under the additional camera.
  10.  My monitor keeps saying it’s “Out of Range” and there’s no picture from the camera, what do I do to fix this?
    • Though this problem should not occur too often, here are the following steps to troubleshoot this problem:
      1. Check all your connections to the camera and make sure the adapter is plugged in
      2. Check that the cameras and monitor are both ON and that the camera is in range of the monitor
      3. Make sure that the camera and monitor are paired by going into the menu and selecting the corresponding camera screen and by clicking the pair button on the bottom of the camera.
      4. Lastly, adjust the monitor antenna to vertical position if you are still having trouble connecting.
  11. What is the actual range of this baby monitor?
    • The published range of the baby monitor and camera is about 900ft; however, this distance is measured and tested in an open field with no obstacles or interference. That being the case, use within a house may change that range drastically as signal strength can differ based on different obstacles that are present in different houses. Our experience with the SEW-3043W has been that the signal strength is much stronger and consistent compared to previous Samsung models, and as a result it seems to stay connected even with a great deal of distance and walls in between.
  12. What does it mean when my baby monitor emits a high pitched noise during the setup process?
    • A high-pitched noise is usually emitted when the camera and the monitor are paired and way too close to one another. It is merely a feedback from the two units being too close and does not indicate malfunction or anything of the sort.
  13. Can you use this as an audio monitor without having the screen on?
    • Yes this monitor can be used as an audio monitor if necessary. Within the VOX mode menu, you’ll find four options as far as utilizing the VOX mode. Of the four options available in the menu, you’ll find one that indicates audio only, which will allow you to use the monitor as an audio monitor.
  14. How do you turn on the lullabies?
    • The lullabies are actually very easy to locate and utilize on the new Samsung baby monitor. The main screen will show a button in the shape of a music note. After pressing on that particular icon, you should be able to select from one of the 4 included lullabies. You’ll see a slash through the icon if lullabies have been turned off as well.
  15. Is there a split screen mode?
    • Yes there is a split screen mode which will allow you to view multiple cameras at the same time. When you turn on your baby monitor, you have two options for the main screen. If you see a gear on the left corner of the screen, you’ll have to tap on the screen once more to show the split screen icon, which is also located on the left corner of the screen. When you press on that particular icon, you’ll see the screen split to show your connected/registered cameras. If two cameras are paired, you will see a 2-split screen mode. When you have more than two cameras paired, you will see a 4-split mode option on the left corner of the screen.
  16. Can we use this baby monitor in a country other than the US?
    • Yes, the baby monitor can be used in other countries outside of the US. The covered voltage of the baby monitor ranges from 110 to 240. That being the case, it should cover most of the voltages that are usually used in other countries. The only thing that you would need to purchase additionally would be a converter for the power adapters that come included. This should convert the standard US plug to whichever plug that is mainly used in the country you’ll be visiting.
  17. How do I expand the cord without it being an issue in terms of connection?
    • A simple extension cord should do the trick in this case. If you didn’t want a bulky extension cord, the other option would be to purchase USB adapters that support the correct wattage required by each the camera and monitor unit. After having found the adapters, you can purchase extra-long micro USB to USB cords as these have become very mainstream as of late.
  18. Can two monitors be used in the same house?
    • Multiple monitors can be used in the same house without a problem as long as they are connected to their own separate cameras. That being said, you would not be able to use two monitors on one camera as there is no support for multiple monitors on one camera.
  19. Can we order a replacement monitor for the SEW-3043W?
    • Unfortunately, replacement monitors are not available for SEW-3043W. For instance, older Samsung baby monitor models will not be able to replace the monitor for SEW-3043W.
  20. Can both the monitor and camera be portable?
    • The monitor uses a rechargeable battery so the unit itself is completely portable as long it is charged. The camera unit, however, does not have a rechargeable internal battery; therefore, it is impossible to make the camera portable.
  21. Can the brightness of multiple cameras be adjusted on the monitor?
    • Yes, you will have to adjust the brightness in the menu and each individual camera can be adjusted for brightness.

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