Customizing your Alarm Settings for the SNH-6410BN Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

May 28, 2014 There have been a lot of questions in regards to setting up the Alarm settings of the Samsung SmartCam HD pro. There have been some cases where people were getting alerts but were not seeing any type of pictures or have not been able to receive email alerts. This could simply be the case of either not saving your settings properly or because of some other issues but we've compiled a video of us setting up the alarm settings on our Samsung SmartCam to show you that it isn't too bad of a process. To summarize the topics covered in this video, please review the following: 1. Receiving email alerts with snapshots upon motion/audio detection 2. Having a picture available next to the motion/audio detection alert on the web interface. 3. Properly setting up your Gmail account with the server 4. Properly saving your updated settings If there is anything else you'd like for us to feature on video tutorials, please email with your requests. Enjoy!

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