Cheap, Easy, and Effective!

October 02, 2013

The crime rate, according to some sources, has dropped a small amount in the past 3 years. Who and what do we attribute that to? The answer to that question is always hard to answer, but I'd say that some of the credit does fall on people being more vigilant when it comes to security. 

The demand for security camera systems is projected to grow by 7% within the next 3 years. After all that's happened in the country these past few years, security cameras and any other means of surveillance seems to be the hot topic around many who feel they need extra security. These are all great methods. Security cameras, alarm systems, laser shooting houses and much more are great ideas, but it can get extremely expensive at times! 



So what are some easy, cheap, and yet effective ways to provide your home or business with security? 

Bluffing is the key in some cases. Let's say your can't afford to shell out $1000 for an expensive camera system or $1000/month for an alarm company. The best thing you could do is to bluff your way into making potential thieves and criminals think you have one. Signs that say that houses are being monitored or that there are robot security guards guarding the premises are available on websites and some physical stores. Inception anyone? You plant the idea that there is some sort of security implemented at this household or business, and sometimes it is more than enough to make criminals second guess their decision of having picked your property. 



To make things even harder for thieves who get past these bluffs, implement other options such as secret lock boxes or secret books that could make robbing you the greatest task they've ever come across. Apparently these kinds of items are best sellers on Amazon! Carved out books, secret compartment clocks, and cabinets with secret compartments are selling very well and I can't come up with a reason as to why it wouldn't. It's simple fixes such as these that keep your belongings safe even when the most expensive equipment is out of reach. So be creative. Don't settle for no security because the most expensive security is just asking you to clear your bank account. Some security is always better than no security. 



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