Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

November 14, 2013

I've shopped during Black Friday just once in my life, and I think that will probably be my last. Black Friday is always known for the crazy sales and ridiculous price-drops. What they don't tell you on your first time out is that you're most likely to get trampled and squished into corners of stores you never knew even existed. Every Black Friday event always has some minor injury report or public disturbance report as people seem to lose their minds when they see prices are being slashed by 60 to 70% on items that they may have never really wanted. The odd thing about prices is that when there is a significant enough of a drop, you're going to turn heads regardless of the demand. I've seen women fight over a shirt they wanted in the men's department only to be stopped by one of their husbands who came in shouting "I don't even want that!" I waited in line for 4 hours to purchase one jacket and that was enough for me. I called it quits and left the madness that seemed to progressively get worse as the night progressed. You're probably asking yourself why I'm going on and on about a time when sales should skyrocket even for my own company. Well there is a time and a place my fellow readers. The emergence of Cyber Monday back in the year 2005 revolutionized everything. It quickly became a web-based Black Friday! Great deals and impossible sales were distributed straight to my computer making the only waiting time a page loading time. As time passed, Cyber Monday and Black Friday was no longer just singled out to those days. Companies started doing a week long sale instead of two days and the doorbuster sales continued! So Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Do both! Companies now place many of their Black Friday deals online as well as in-store, although some sales are exclusive to both venues. As for our company, we've decided that 2 days isn't enough. A week? Definitely not enough. Why worry about sales and the possibility of losing out on sales while having to cook the turkey and prep the rest of the dinner? I, personally, would like to sit down and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal without the madness that ensues afterwards of family members constantly looking at the clock wondering how early they can get out to go shopping. Me? I get my shopping done early. I find what I want and place the order a week before or even on Black Friday as I heat up left over Thanksgiving food. We've decided to extend our sale a week before and after Black Friday. So we're calling it the Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sale. Going away for the weekend of Thanksgiving? Don't worry, our sale will still be here when you get back. Take your mind off the stresses of each day as well as the stress of possibly missing out on some sales. With us, you'll find that the sale we have on our items will be here before the madness begins and even after the madness has died down. Enjoy!

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