Baby Crying? You May Not Have to Rush Over!

July 11, 2013

sew_3036_3037_feature_04 If you're new expecting parents or exhausted, sleep-deprived parents with a newborn, this may be worth taking a few moments to read. Even if you're not one of the two, it may be good information to pass on! So if we think back to those TV shows or even our own parents, you can definitely remember those scenes where there's a baby crying and immediately either mom or dad has to go running into the baby's room. How many times have we seen those shows where sleeping parents are woken up by their baby's cries and wake up the next morning with dark circles? One too many, I'm assuming. When someone mentions a baby monitor to me, I'm still stuck in the stone ages where it was merely an audio device that kind of looks like a walkie-talkie. Oh now much technology has progressed I'm not a parent yet, so what do i need to know it for? As I get older and friends around me are having kids, I'm beginning to realize that knowledge is power when it is shared to those that find it relevant. Upon coming into my current job, I learned quite a deal about the baby monitors that we sold and came to realize that parenting is extremely difficult. That may even be an understatement. The constant attention required by infants is endless and the trips to and from the baby's room just becomes tiring and irritating at some points, I would assume. Here's where this baby monitor becomes so useful. It's not crucial, but definitely useful. The list of things parents have to do are endless and sometimes going up to find out that your baby crying was a false alarm is annoying, although relieving. Baby monitors have come a long way, providing clear images of your baby's room while you may be in the kitchen, garage, or other rooms. Hear your baby crying? Check the monitor. It's not always the case that a crying baby needs something other than attention or is asking to be picked up. As harsh as it is at times, it definitely is necessary to avoid creating a habit of giving what your child is asking for at every cry (I'm sure this is extremely difficult). Do things around the house with a peace of mind knowing that you can check up on your child without have to have a heart attack on the run over the the child's room. Like I said before; the video monitor is definitely not something you need, but something that will make your life a lot simpler. Granted it can range from $100 to $300, but I think it may be more than worth investing in one. Cut out those sleepless nights by knowing you can check up on your child at any moment. You won't have to get out of bed unless you really need to since you can actually see what's bothering your baby or what's not bothering your baby right through the monitor. I guess you can call it a sense of security knowing that your child is still safe in his/her crib or room without the anxiety of "Oh my God, what happened?" running through your mind as you dash up to the room. Regards, Soltech Security (Dan)

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