Auto Insurance Fraud! Happens Just Way Too Often

July 10, 2013

I came across a very interesting website as I was doing a little research about the benefits of a dashcam. In case you don't know what it is, the dashcam is a camera attached usually around your windshield behind the rear-view mirror that records as your drive. Many people have told me that there is no point in purchasing one considering all our smart phones have recording capabilities at great quality, but would you really turn on your phone's recording option every time you drive? It's more than unlikely that a person will hop into their car and push the record function on their phones when going for a drive. From personal experience, I make the effort to turn on my music from my phone, but considering how battery life is on these phones these days, I wouldn't even bother to turn on the camera. Now these dashcams, or atleast some of them, come with GPS and G sensors that track your location and speed, respectively. Are there times when you do something in the car or something happens while you're in the car, and for one reason or another just can't seem to remember what it was or remember a distorted version of it? It happens to me all the time. To this day, I can't remember exactly what happened when I had my accident and the more I try to remember, the more distorted it actually becomes. Here's where the dashcam actually comes into play. If I had known about these cameras and if I had owned one at the time, I would know exactly what happened. I think it may have been the fault of the person in front of me but I can't physically prove such a thing since neither of us seem to remember what exactly happened any more. This website which i'll put on the bottom, has some interesting articles. For example, there is an video of a lady who tries to play off an accident that is clearly her fault as the other man's fault. But with the dashcam video as evidence, she really has nothing to say about the matter since it clearly shows that it was indeed her fault. So avoid getting scammed! Avoid becoming a victim of auto insurance fraud caused by the obscurity of evidence when it is based purely on the recollection of others. Have the confidence to say " I have physical evidence that it I am not at fault here." Kind of like the way we have insurance for "what if" situations, get your dashcam and have that extra insurance for those "maybe" type of situations. (Here is the link if anyone is interested in checking it out.) Regards, Soltech Security (Dan)

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