Are Refurbished Electronics Trustworthy?

December 10, 2013

Don't let the title of an item being "refurbished" turn you away from a great deal. There are many cases in which items may be labeled refurbished, and that doesn't mean that you get some box full of broken parts that have been wiped clean of fingerprints and grime.There is some legitimacy to those electronics that are considered refurbished so continue reading! It feels that the label of an item being refurbished has changed quite a bit over the years. People are becoming more and more open to the idea of an item being refurbished and being put up for sale, but there are still those who are skeptical of such a product. The image that first comes to mind is that "This item is defective. I probably bought a defective item that will break on me fairly soon." Is this true? Definitely not. In our office, an item that is returned whether it's due to a defect, shipping issue, or simply dislike is returned to Samsung to be re-evaluated and "refurbished." Why? It's because at that point whether it looks like its been opened or not, there is a chance that the item was opened along the way and some sort of problem may have occurred without us knowing during the shipment process. Once returned, the item itself is checked by Samsung and either sold off to other refurbished item sellers or not returned to us at all. Any items sent back may be resold by Samsung after having passed the re-evaluation process as well as any repairs that may have been needed. Even better news is that these items hit the shelves at a much lower price than a completely new item. Granted some of these items may have a scratch or two here and there, you're still looking at a fully functional, if not much improved version of the item. With all repairs done, I guess you could say it is a much more durable piece of equipment as opposed to the new ones that hit the shelves directly out of the factory! If you're a bargain buyer with no real concern for items that may be a few months behind the current trend, these "refurbished" items may be perfect for you as they're much more affordable and yet fully functional. Of course there are some set backs, but in my opinion they are quite minor. As mentioned before, some refurbished items may come with a few scratches with signs of some wear as they have been used by people before you before being returned. In some situations, the refurbishing company may release the product without having noticed a missing accessory. Finally, the normal refurbished item warranty period is much less than that of a brand new item. Set backs as they may seem, don't let them be the deciding factor in your purchases! These items are a bargain if you find it in the right areas. There are some things you should look out for when deciding to purchase a refurbished item. 1. Make sure that they have a return policy. Most legitimate sellers/companies will have a return policy of either 14 days or more even for a refurbished item. 2. Make sure that there is a warranty period. Avoid having to purchase a refurbished unit if there is no warranty coverage that comes with the product. The normal period for warranties on a refurbished item is 90 days. Even if it is less than 90, make sure that you have some sort of warranty in the case that the item does break down. 3. Find a reputable store and do your research. It is very easy to sell an item and mark it as "refurbished." Even on e-Bay there are options for "seller refurbished" items and "manufacturer refurbished" items. Make sure that what you're buying, especially in the case of a more expensive item, that you check to see that the item is refurbished and sold by a reputable company. Those types of companies will assist you in purchasing the refurbished item with a peace of mind. The best option is to go with the manufacturer directly or through an authorized reseller. 4. Make sure you have everything. As I've mentioned before, there are times when manufacturer refurbished units may come without everything included such as accessories. You may have bought a refurbished item from somewhere and found out that you're missing an essential screw. Make sure everything that is advertised is in the product unless stated otherwise. So all in all, do not shy away from these bargain monsters! They do say that one man's garbage may be another man's treasure. Granted these are not garbage items, you may find that the refurbished unit is the item you've been looking for all along and also got it for a much cheaper price than the new one! Best Regards, Soltech Security

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