A word of advice: Batteries

August 02, 2013

Batteries have been around for a long time. We all know that but there are times when we forget how they work and disregard the fact that they too are electronics and require maintenance. 

When I speak of maintenance, I don't mean visits to the computer doctor with check-ups and frequent firmware/software updates. Maintenance here means proper usage. Batteries are constantly leaking power. You're phone batter could have been fully charged upon packaging but after months of storage that brand new battery is almost at half life when you turn on your brand new phone. So batteries do have some sort of maintenance required and I'll list a few here for you.

1. Fully charge your new product if it is battery run. Whether it's a phone or a wireless monitor, the batter should be charged to full before your first run. This has been proven to increase the battery life as the initial 3 to 4 full discharge and full recharge acts as somewhat of a calibration technique for the new product. So make sure to charge your batteries for a new product to the max and allow it to fully discharge as well. Repeat for the next 3 to 4 cycles.

2. Batteries that are connected to a device that's turned off is still burning power. If you plug in your double A battery into your product that is off most of the time, you will find that the battery is not at full even though it was new when you first put it in. They are constantly discharging so a good way to conserve batteries would be to disconnect them or remove them from the product when not in use. 

3. Do not keep a fully charged or charged battery in high temperatures. High temperatures accelerate the aging of batteries as well as increase the self-discharge rate by almost 25 percent. So it is definitely recommended that you charge and store your batteries in a cool place. 

4. To almost repeat number 1, you should allow the battery to be fully drained and then fully recharged every so often. This is important as it is almost like a reset button for batteries. As much as a computer probably should be shut down and reset once in a while, rechargeable batteries are the same. I would roughly estimate every 2 to 3 weeks that a rechargeable battery should be fully drained and recharged.

5. Again, to expand on number 1, due to storage of rechargeable batteries in certain products, the batteries already come in a discharge condition. Most products with rechargeable batteries have instructions on how to fully charge your battery for the first run of things. Usually it's almost a half day charge (12 hours). In the case that your battery isn't being fully charged by your unit, you can actually go ahead and pull it out, then put it back in to continue to a full charge. 

So hopefully these were helpful to you. Hopefully this can help in optimizing your battery usage for your various products. 


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