A Move Towards an All-in-One Package

February 26, 2014

Many companies these days, whether it is a retail business or a service business, have been trying to bring back the good old All-in-One Package back to consumers. The All-in-One packages serve to be a great opportunity for customers who don't have the time to look through every single item and customize it to match their needs. Sometimes a customer, or even myself, will go to a store and take a look around and grab the first thing that catches his eye. We then find ourselves back at that store looking for the one or two things we missed. Is it the world's biggest inconvenience? No. But it can be quite a pain sometimes. So we're bringing you convenience right to our store front. We at Soltech are introducing our All-in-One packages so that you can avoid the hassle and start experiencing the full power of your security system from the moment you receive it. We've selected best sellers and combined them with additional cameras, power supply and monitor at a discounted price to make shopping even easier for you. Although they haven't been updated on our site just yet, you'll get the first real peek at these combo packages here. If you're new to the security market and have questions such as "which monitor?" or "which camera?" this may be perfect for you. We've filled all the available channels with the more popular camera choices along with our most popular monitor; it doesn't get much better than this. Oh wait! It does! We're also offering FREE SHIPPING for these items as well because they more than qualify for our free shipping program! Have you been avoiding setting up a camera system in your house due to the amount of research required along with the time it takes to actually decide on a package? Well look no more! We've made our packages with our premium Samsung branded security camera systems and have brought them in an All-in-One package just for you! Here is a sneak peak at our All-in-One systems: [caption id="attachment_1592" align="alignleft" width="388"]All-in-One Utilizing the Most Popular SDS-5100N System All-in-One Utilizing the Most Popular SDS-5100N System[/caption]  

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