Wireless! Wireless! Wireless!

July 23, 2013

ImageOne of the most asked questions on the phone while I'm working is , "Does this system work over wireless networks?"

These days, you can expect everything to be run across wireless networks. My answer is almost automatic now: "Yes it works across all platforms ranging from laptops to iPhone, iPad, and Android interfaces." Security systems where you need to constantly be in the back room with a monitor is a thing of the past. The new era is moving in, and it's moving in fast so I hope you're already on track and keeping up. 

All of our Samsung systems currently have the capability of connecting to a network as long as you have a router that you can wire it to, then it can be transmitted all across other wireless networks such as the iOS and Android platforms. We have people watching their stores from their homes or people watching their homes from a remote location. It's become so convenient to set it up in this fashion that people don't even buy monitors with their security systems any more. Technology sure moves fast. 

Now it's almost like wearing bell-bottom jeans and a tide-dye shirt if you don't have something like this; you stick out like a sore thumb and stand there wondering why you didn't see this change coming. 


Ever since these iPads and iPods and Android devices started coming out with Wifi features, it made it easy for security companies to jump on the opportunity. Why not make security more convenient? Why not make it so that people can literally watch from home rather than having to take the system back and replay everything to watch a days worth of footage? 

That is what we have here and available to us today. Who knows? Maybe in a few years we'll have projectors installed in our houses with voice as our command. We may simply have to say, "show me what happened two hours ago at double the speed" and we may see a projection of what was recorded exactly two hours ago at double the speed. Technology is moving fast and the main goal of companies is the make it so that their products can be phased into what is consumer grade, promoting mass sales and production. 

My belief is that wireless and remote viewing is only a mere step to what is to come in the future. I think it's right to say that there is much to look forward to.


Soltech Security (Dan)


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