Why We Love Home Security (And You Should, Too!)

March 14, 2014

Who doesn't love home security?! We all want to feel safe and sound in our homes as opposed to afraid and oppressed in what is supposedly the safe confines of our homes. Ever worry about the state of your house when you go away on a business trip or a family vacation? We all do! You're not alone! One of the worst feelings is the feeling of anxiety and worry about something you have no control over. Wouldn't you rather be outside of your house without having to constantly worry about this happening or that happening? Well I definitely do! That is why I love home security! Let me tell you how I've set up my home security.


I've got three basic things set up at home. The first item is a sign. I let people know, whether they are friend or foe, that I have surveillance on the property. Why? The idea of knowing that they could be under surveillance is sometimes more than enough to deter criminals away before they even take a step onto my front lawn. Have you ever seen those signs on the highway that say "this area is under radar surveillance?" I guarantee you that maybe only half of those areas are under actual surveillance, but the trend you see on the highway is that people tend to all slow down in those areas just to avoid the possibility of a ticket. The same idea applies to your house. Of course there will be those who will disregard the sign and possibly move on to the next step, but there are those that will run from just the idea that your house is under video surveillance.

 The next thing I have installed in my house is an alarm system. It's not your fancy ADT type alarm system that calls the police every time the alarm is tripped. It is more so a system that I use to notify me when certain doors or windows have been opened. I arm the system before I leave the house and disarm it when I get in. There are many doors and windows in our houses. Whether you live in an apartment or a gigantic mansion, you will have a door or a window from which a burglar may decide to sneak in from one day. I use this alarm system along with the wireless sensors that came with to monitor the opening and closing of my entrances. It pings me on my phone with an email or notification telling me that there is a door open or that someone has opened the front or back door. Does this deter burglars? Of course! Sure my alarm system may not have a loud beeping sound or an obnoxious ring, but when there is an unauthorized entry, there is a voice system that states the need to put in a pass code. When this doesn't happen, I get alerted, and I'll know whether I need to call the cops or not.

The last bit of security that I currently have is a camera system. I've got the SDE-5001 hooked up across the house, 4 domes and 2 bullets in the house along with 2 bullets outside. You may ask what the point is of having these cameras in the house may be when I'm away. Well, here is my answer. The system comes equipped with remote viewing (which I had to call tech support for since the whole setup to go remote was a bit tedious) so I'm also watching my property when I get alerted. Even better, my system is also set up to send me emails when there is movement in the house after a certain time. I've vacationed in Cancun and monitored my house with no more than a few touches on my smartphone.  Convenient? Oh so very! Luckily, I haven't had much issues with break-ins and whatnot, but these three things have been working for me so far!

I'm sure many of you want home security but dread the idea of having to install this and install that. Let me tell you one thing: love home security because that's where you, your family, and your peace of mind exists. I'm always getting home late or on business trips and whatnot, but I can usually rest assured that if anything does happen to my home while I'm away, I will have clear view of what is happening along with some control as far as dealing with the situation while it occurs rather than after.

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