When a lot becomes Too Much

July 09, 2013


We all want more features and continue to ask for more features...when does all that that get to be too much? I mean take a look at that multi-tool, for example. How is a human being supposed to operate that thing?

At least with our units that we sell in our E-commerce store, I find that simplicity is a common theme. These security systems may actually be something Samsung avoided putting too many features into. I say this while looking at their older models; I guess even they learn about such things as time passes. 

Personally, I've always been about the features. Wave my hand in front of the screen to answer a phone call (galaxy S4 reference if this statement made no sense)? Sure! That sounds fantastic! Will I ever use it? Most likely not but it's "cool" to have. 

For years, people have always made the comment that they wish everything was just all in one place or that all their tools would just be in one tool. We got our wishes fulfilled to a certain degree but when does it cross over to being just simply too much? I can't possibly have a blow dryer and an ice scraper on one tool can I? Who knows...maybe someone will invent it in a few years. With society's fascination with being flooded with features, I think a good portion of us have begun to wish for simplicity. I want to be told that this item has this, this and this, and that is it. Don't tell me that it will transform into a robot and clean my house with possible malfunctions due to its many different features because at that point its just too much. 

Let me bring it back to my company and I. I find that these systems have been produced with people like myself in mind; simple can be better. A few shameless plugins would be our security systems. You've got your basic functions to watch, store, replay, zoom. It plugs in, powers on, and once the cameras are connected, "let there be video."

There are also the baby monitors. It's already paired out of the box. You connect your power to both the camera and the monitor. You place the camera and walk away with the monitor. Easy!

Last but not least, the IP(Pet) cameras. Connect the power and the ethernet cord. Register online in under a minute and its already recording, uploading, and viewing. 

If you're someone like me, these kind of systems work for you. They work for me at least. Running the busy life that I do, I can't be bothered by complicated setups and simplicity works the best. 

So go with our brand if simple is what you're looking for. But also, factor simplicity into your life. We run around all day whether its at work or looking after our families. Sometimes you just have to sit back and find ways that will simplify certain functions of life as we live it. 


Soltech Security(Dan)

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