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August 09, 2013

Let me start by saying that it's good to finally be back on wordpress. Our company took a business trip to Las Vegas for the ASD Las Vegas convention this past week and I was just too busy to even blog about the event. 

Our booth was a big hit and there was a question that everyone seemed to want an answer for: Will it work on my phone too? 

Our answer? Yes it most definitely will. 

Security systems are no longer what we thought they were. They're moving up the ladder in technology just like everything else in the market; sitting in front of a monitor without the freedom to leave your chair is a thing of the past. Image

There was a variety of visitors and they all wanted a security system for different reasons. To give you a few examples, there were business owners, home owners, land owners, and vacation home owners. They all wanted to be able to monitor their respective buildings while being away from the desk. It's no longer a question as to how the recordings can be plugged into a bulky television, but it is now a question of how do we watch it on our phones. 

The setup is absolutely simple. You just connect an ethernet cable from your DVR box (this is the box that connects all your cameras and it looks like a cable tv box). You then call our tech center line and tell them that you want to connect your DVR to the internet. They're do a remote access of your computer and set up everything for you. All you have to do is push the buttons on your phone to call them. 

You then download our app for the Samsung remote access function called iPolis. This will then allow you to monitor your recordings while you're away, while you're at work/home, or while you're upstairs with no one downstairs. It gets even better because once you set that up you'll also start getting email alerts or phone alerts when there is motion detected across your cameras. 

So, there's no need for you to sit around in front of a giant monitor split into 8 screens to make sure your area is safe. Connect your DVR to the internet and have that peace of mind stashed inside your pocket. Be able to check in with the area under surveillance whenever and wherever you are. 

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