SNH-1011N & TinyCam - Finally an App that's Worth Mentioning

September 29, 2015

If you're one of many Samsung IP camera enthusiasts, you'll know that the one question that we've all been asking for the longest time is, "Is there a way to view these cameras outside of Samsung's direct network?" Well, while searching through some forums and product reviews, I came across this application called TinyCam. Unfortunately, the app only has an Android version from what I can tell. Before you go ahead and purchase the app or download the free version, I wanted to be able to share somewhat of a brief review. The reason why I specifically mention the SNH-1011 camera is because this happens to be only camera the app picked up. In the office we have all 4 Samsung IP cameras hooked up on one network; however, it only seems to be able to pick up the SNH-1011. So if you're one of many customers who have purchased a Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011, you're in luck. Review One of the best things that I found is that the App itself does not send video files over to a third party. This means that instead of going through Samsung's network and then back to your phone, this is more of you directly accessing your network to reach your IP camera. Having only tried the trial version, I was limited to only 4 simultaneous screens; however, the Pro version seems to allow up to 16 if not more. One of the biggest complaints when viewing the Samsung cameras on the computer or the phone was that simultaneous streaming was not possible. This App kind of gives you a nice simple solution to that issue so you don't have to switch back and forth between cameras. Here is a screenshot of the option to do so. Screenshot_2015-09-29-09-23-37 From the looks of the App, it seems like it was mainly designed for Foscam cameras, but considering how nothing ever comes out for Samsung I'd say this is a nice find. You'll notice when you look into camera settings that there are a whole bunch of options. All the way towards the bottom, I found the recording, motion detection, and audio settings. There is another set of advanced settings but as of right now, I find them to be a bit irrelevant. When taking a look at the recording, I found that there were several options; these options were not available when using the camera on Samsung's website. The only down side is that they're features that are only available on the Pro version. Screenshot_2015-09-29-09-32-25 The recording function is probably one of the many issues that we've all had so many complaints about. We wanted to record more than 30 second clips or to be able to store them onto a safe location on the Cloud. Additionally, it seems that there is a recording option to record onto your SD card on your phone; granted you still have this option. So basically, this App gives you full functionality of the camera if not more. Additionally, if you mix and match IP cameras, this would be a great way to put everything together. Did I mention that this App has a tool to control PTZ cameras if your IP camera has that option? Below is a screenshot of the recording options just in case you don't believe it could be possibly true. Screenshot_2015-09-29-09-36-42 Now, is it truly worth the four dollars? I'd say it wouldn't be a bad impulse buy if you have IP cameras. If you have multiple and you'd like to put it under one interface, this is a great solution. The features that it offers is worlds beyond what the Samsung Smartcam App offers. So if the four dollars is putting you on the edge of whether you want it or not, try the free version to make sure that 1. Your cameras actually work on the platform and 2. You find it as pleasing as I did.

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