SDH-P5081 - The Samsung 16 Channel Hybrid Security System now comes with Full HD cameras and 720TVL SD Cameras

July 02, 2014

This system has been one of the more anticipated systems of this year after the release of the original Samsung Hybrid security camera systems that came about in 2013. The question was always the same, "Can I get my hybrid system in 1080p?" We hated telling our customers that they couldn't, and ultimately told them that around June or July of 2014 would be the time when a 1080p system would actually be released. Well, it's here! Don't believe me? Here's a picture of one of the product boxes we brought out from our warehouse! 20140626_105036_Richtone(HDR)Aside from all the technical mumbo jumbo, this system is quite a bit of an upgrade from what it used to be. It how comes with upgraded cameras on both ends of HD and SD. The price is not much different from the previous model and yet you're getting a much better system. Those of you looking for the specifics, you'll be looking at a 2 TB hard drive with 4 1080p cameras and 4 720TVL cameras. Compared to its predecessor which came with a 1 TB hard drive, 4 720p cameras and 4 600TVL cameras, the SDH-P5081 is considered to be a much more powerful system due to the improvement of the items included within the package. Aside from those differences, not much has changed but those differences are really what make this camera system the top of its class as of the moment. Of course the same features such as motion detection, email notifications, and remote viewing from both computer and smartphone are all still there. Want to check out the individual cameras included? Below are the specific links. SDC-9440BU (1080p Camera) SDC-7340BC (720TVL Camera)  SDH-P5081 SDH-P5080 (The Predecessor to the SDH-P5081)  

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