SDH-P5081: Made Available by Soltech Security while the original Package is Unavailable

October 23, 2014

The SDH-P5081 is your Samsung Hybrid 16 Channel Security Camera System. This system contains 4 Full HD 1080p Cameras and 4x 720 TVL High Resolution Cameras. Now what do we mean by saying that the original package is not available? Currently the availability of the SDH-P5081 is low and its hard to find to a certain degree from other sites, even as well as ours. Due to high demand of the system, we decided that there has to be a way to make this available to our customers, especially when they're constantly asking for it. In order to make it available, we've inquired and acquired the components that make up the SDH-P5081 instead since it is essentially the same thing. The only thing that is different is that you don't get the pretty white box with the pictures and wording that Samsung has printed on the original boxes. Before I go on, let me tell you what makes up the SDH-P5081 just to avoid any confusion from the information and pictures to follow. The SDH-P5081 is composed of the following: 1. SDR-5200 16 Channel DVR (Comes with the associated accessories such as the remote, power supply, and associated connection cables) _MG_0694 2. 4x SDC-9440BU (Each camera comes with a 60ft RJ45 Cable) IMG_0698 3. 4x SDC-7340BC (Each camera comes with a 60ft BNC Cable)IMG_0696 4. Camera Power Splitter and Power Adapter (Soltech Generic Adapter Compatible with Samsung Cameras) 20141023_152840_Richtone(HDR) All of these put together make up your total package! _MG_0707They go into our brown box and is sent out directly to you in these individual packages. _MG_0716   Normally the price for purchasing all these separately come out to be a bit more expensive compared to the packaged price, but we've made it so that this entire system can still be purchased at the promotional package price! If you have any questions in regards to how this package is compiled and any questions in regards to the system in general, please do shoot me an email or give our office a call!  

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