SDC-7340BC vs. SDC-8440BC : 720TVL vs 720p HD AHD

August 25, 2015

You've probably heard about 720 TVL cameras and of course, 720p HD is no stranger any more either. We have these terms thrown around all over the place in the security camera industry; 720p HD is thrown around all over the digital video media industry. It's quite easy to confuse one over the other because of two things:
  1. They both start off with the numbers 720... It can be confusing, believe it or not.
  2. On smaller screens, they can look almost identical in quality
There's always one bit of information I give to all my customers; " If you truly want to see the difference in quality of the cameras, you'll have to zoom in." In many situations where people have 4+ cameras, you'll see that a monitor is usually split up into 4 screens without fail. Most people are using something close to 24in monitors that don't particularly stretch the image much when it comes to image viewing so the smaller the images get, the better these cameras seem despite the difference in advertised resolution. I have customers who use their big televisions to view their cameras and come to me asking why their 720TVL cameras look like absolute garbage. It's inevitable because the maximum size has been done by so much that the pixels can't maintain the actual image on such a huge screen. The main difference when it comes to standard definition and high definition is the pixelization and image retention that you find when the images are stretched or zoomed in. Of course, a 720p camera will still show breakage in the picture if stretched enough; however, that won't occur as fast is it normally would take a 720TVL camera to break in picture. But that's enough about the difference as I do cover it a bit more here in this other blog article from a while back. Now on to the main stuff. This video that follows is mainly just a way to show you all actual footage of these two cameras that record at the two resolutions. You'll notice subtle differences such as color richness and lens distance. Just so no one is confused, these cameras were both installed in the same area maybe 2 inches apart from each other. The only reason why I make a note of this is because one part of the video footage is clearly further back, covering more of the field of view compared to the other. Hopefully this video helps to clarify the difference between the two resolutions as well as the cameras. [youtube]

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