Put on your Best Trample-Proof outfit and Get ready for Black Friday!

November 22, 2013

As an alternative to my last post, I do want to give those who are going to be going out onto the warzone that is Black Friday shopping some advice as far as making it out alive. In the past, I remember people lining up in lines longer than those I've seen at Six Flags in NJ. I've seen these lines wrap around a building or even at times extend out into the parking lot. Remember that when I say buildings I'm not talking about your average house or convenient store; I'm talking about mall size big stores. Any Best Buy you visit is still probably one of the bigger stand-alone stores you'll see. The lines used to wrap around even that building...imagine that! Now, as comical as some of these things I will be mentioning may seem, take it to heart because it is exactly what you'll be thinking when you hit the cold as well as the end of the line. Helmet-Law-Debate-Cartoon 1. Wear a helmet or a padded hat of some kind. Why? I still remember to this moment when I had gone to a Circuit City Black Friday sale way back when they were still in business. There was a storm of people looking to purchase external hard drives that had gone on some ridiculous sale that required hordes of people to storm the front of the store. From what I recall, an employee was tossing the hard drives out to those further back and some lady got hit in the head and was knocked out. I've seem some people get trampled and get stepped on as well. Horror stories? Yes. Reality? More than I'd like to admit. teachers-cartoon 2. Know what you want before going. Is this old news? To a certain degree it is, but I've known some people to go to Black Friday sales without knowing what they want. What happens? You go, wait in line, fight through the horde, and come back home with nothing to show for your troubles. Black Friday has come a long way these days so ads as well as pamphlets of Black Friday sales are leaked all across the internet; some unintentionally some for purely marketing reasons. Regardless, map out what you want. Know where your going. Hit your spots and get out of there as soon as possible because the longer you stay and wonder about what you want, I guarantee you that it'll most likely be sold out. cartoon5307 3. Get there earlier than later. Sure it's hard since you have to leave right after Thanksgiving dinner, but if you've already planned on going, you may as well get it done and over with even if it means leaving dinner a bit early. Many, not all people have that Friday after Thanksgiving off so why not use it really as a day off as opposed to beating through hordes of people. Since you've already planned your shopping areas and your items, map out what time you need to be there and get there early. 3-ExtremeCarpoolingCOLOR 4. Carpool. If you've got friends going to the same place you area, definitely carpool. Parking everywhere will be hectic and crowded. You may end up circling the parking lot for an hour or so before you have to wait in line for about 3 to 4 hours. So instead of taking multiple, just take one. You'll end up meeting up later anyway so take one car and save yourself the trouble of having to wait for others as they circle the parking lot multiple times to find parking spots. Who ordered the tap water? 5. Bring something to drink. I guarantee you that you'll end up hungry or thirsty during this process of shopping, waiting, shopping, and more waiting.  Keep yourself hydrated while you're in line so that you don't have an instance of having to run out to buy some food and water while losing your spot in line. Be careful of how much you drink, though. The reverse is very much possible where you've had too much to drink while on line and your bladder can no longer hold much more liquid. You'll have to run to the bathroom before you even reach the store doors and end up losing your spot as well as the item you wanted so badly. Greatest-TV-Cartoon-Theme-Songs-12-Fat-Albert-and-the-Cosby-Kids 6. Have fun. After all that prepping it would be quite a shame if you didn't have any fun during this crazy time. Buy what you wanted and enjoy your time there. If you're there with friends, enjoy the torment and waiting that comes with Black Friday together so that you won't be so lonely. But all in all, make sure to have fun because you'll only end up regretting going in the end if you don't.

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